Monday, May 22, 2006

It's All Right Baby's Coming Home

"The War Party's response to these allegations, and all evidence of the horrors committed by U.S. troops in Iraq – from Abu Ghraib to everyday incidents like the drowning murder of a young Iraqi boy by U.S. soldiers – is that these are just the crimes of "a few bad apples." The problem, however, is that the tree that spawned them breeds poisonous fruit.


The main concern of U.S. authorities, including the military police, seems to be that the gangbangers will utilize their training – and, in some cases, their access to equipment and weaponry – when they come back to the U.S. Only this time they won't be breaking into Iraqi homes and slaughtering women and children: they'll be holding up banks and committing crimes of violence in the U.S.

While this is a valid worry, there is no mention, in the Sun-Times piece, of any concern for the fate of Iraqi civilians, who must endure daily indignities and deadly danger from these thugs. If it isn't all about us, Americans don't want to know. But with these latest revelations of dark deeds in Haditha, they are going to have it thrown in their faces."

Full article here.

Link to Chicago Sun-Times article "Gangs claim their turf in Iraq - BY Frank Main Crime Reporter"


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