Thursday, May 25, 2006

Site News - New Layout

Yes you've arrived at “Gorilla's Guides” it's just it looks a bit different :-)

I'm still working on the layout for Gorilla's Guides. This layout is an interim solution. I'll probably keep the somewhat stark colour scheme as I tend to prefer minimalism. I have long been of the opinion that far too many sites concentrate on design when it is the content that is important. I think that this design is somewhat more readable than the previous template. Briefly the main changes I've made are:

  • At present the navigation is the traditional left side-bar schema.
  • The main content area now uses the entire remaining view portal.
  • The main content area is now fluid. In other words it will "flow" to match different window sizes.
  • I am well aware that many, and often most, of my readers read English not only as a foreign language but also as a foreign language written in a foreign script. Accordingly I've adjusted the line-height property for the relevant selectors to enchance readability. - To those readers I would particularly ask that you let me know if I've succeeded in making the site more usable for you by doing one or all of the following:

    1. Emailing me at the usual email address
    2. Leaving a comment in the usual forum under the thread that Declan has started for that purpose.
    3. Leaving a comment here.

  • I have used font-size relative metrics throughout. This means that you will see the text in a size based upon your browser settings and not in a pixel size arbitarily chosen by some template designer. - Even in Microsoft's Internet Explorer the results should now be acceptable. If the text is too small or too large change the settings in your browser.

From my point of view one the primary advantages of the new design is that I can code the text off-line using a "proper" :-) XHTML editor instead of having to rely upon's quite remarkably dippy control panel.

Further Changes in the works

My inclination is to ultimately move the navigation bar to the right partly for SEO purposes and partly because I like it that way. Images will be floated using CSS rather than using's horrid javascript once I work out the margin measurements and whether I prefer to place them in a div element or simply treat them as a standard inline element to be floated accordingly.

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