Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cleaners Children Coffins

Child in Yarmouk hospital injured by grenadeThis child was one of two rushed into Yarmouk hospital in Baghdad by the policeman seen helping attend to him. The children were playing on the street when someone threw a grenade at a street cleaner. Street cleaners are often injured in Baghdad, their job is dangerous because bombers often hide their bombs in piles of rubbish. A lot of street cleaners have been killed that way. That wasn't the case this time however, this time it was a drive by grenade attack.

Wasn't it clever of the invading army not to bother guarding the armouries until after they'd been well and truly looted? Perhaps they were recovering from Mr. Tenet's "slam dunk" and were waiting for the promised hordes of little fluffy bunnies to show up and shower them with rosewater and flowers.

I suppose this child was lucky in a way. Somebody was nearby who was able to rush him to a hospital, the hospital wasn't so full of casualties that he was turned away. Of course like most urban hospitals in Iraq Yarmouk hospital isn't exactly in the best of shape. Just another day in the overstretched hospital system brought to Iraqi children and street cleaners by the effects of the American led occupation of Iraq. Quite a quiet day really, quiet enough that this child was able to be treated. So he was a lucky child.

He was a hell of a lot luckier than his twelve year old friend who was killed in the same attack
Child Yarmouk hospital morgue killed by grenade



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