Sunday, August 06, 2006

Barbara Thou Shoulds't Be With Us At This Hour

Don't even think of posting a comment telling me how shocked you are. To absolutely nobody's surprise both the Lebanese and the Syrians have flat out rejected the current draft. I have no idea why anybody least of all the French thought it had even the remotest chance of being accepted.

I wonder who's going to "relieve" the IDF once they hit the Litani.

The deal offered by Lebanon was a generous negotiating position. The IDF command should have told Olmert to take the deal that was on offer and got out while they could save some face. It's been a hectic few days what with one thing and another and I feel I deserve a rest today. So I'm going curl up on the sofa and start re-reading for the umpteenth time Barbara Tuchman's wonderful book "The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam" she was one clued in woman. If you've never read her IMO it's one of her best books. But then my nature and my experiences as a peacekeeper have given me a dark view of humanity - particularly of politicians and even more particularly of politicians in uniform.

Barbara thou shoulds't be with us at this hour.


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