Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jommetry According To Dubya

  1. A squaw firin' a shitload a lot of cat's tushes rockets from behind a hippotamus hide scares the shit out of Ehud is equal to the sum of the two opposin' squaws. The shoe shopperCondi an' the sasquatch Karen'll freak if they hear me callin' 'em 'squaws.' Howd'ya fire a cat's tush anyways?
  2. Sunnis live in a triangle.
  3. Shia's live in a crescent.
  4. According to Poodle Boy Tony that Brit raghead muslin don't mean cloth, it means someone who lives in an arc of extremism which shows how much he knows 'cos it's an Ark an' there ain't gonna be no space left after me an' fatso the veep move in.
  5. That damn shoe shoppin' maniac is too square to put out.
  6. Yithzak, Bibi, Ahmed, Ariel and Ehud gave me the plans to build me my very own Pentagon of defeat. Defeat???!!!???Uh Oh. But Rummy promised we had the necessary force to deal with the situation.
  7. Hey waitress Rummy make yourself useful an' git me another drink. Don't bother puttin' in any cubes.


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