Saturday, August 05, 2006

Please Sign "Dubai Life's" Statement

The Dubai Life magazine have published a statement here [English language] asking regional governments to support Lebanon by inter alia applying economic sanctions against Israel and providing long-term economic aid to Lebanon. Here's the concluding paragraphs [emphasis mine]:

"Long-term economic aid packages should be pledged and immediately effected to help the suffering of all those displaced and injured as well as supporting the families of those killed.

The efforts of AMG (Arab Media Group) in promoting free advertising for charity organizations collecting donations for Lebanon is an example as to how Dubai business can lead the aid effort - more incentives and creative thinking such as this is needed.

We believe that governments as well individuals and businesses can all contribute to make a difference. Let our actions in these distressing times ensure that the full opposition to the destruction of Lebanon is felt the world over and that our silence did not make us accessories to these acts.

We encourage websites, prominent individuals, NGO's , businesses, journalists and media outlets to join with us in signing this statement to show our support for the people of Lebanon. "

They've asked people to sign it and publicise it. i already have and ask you to do the same. You can read the statement in its entirety here and you can sign the statement by sending an email to:

Hat tip reader Sophia.


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