Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Soldiers Decided To Kill Everyone On The Streets

"The soldiers decided to kill everyone on the streets, and my mother was one of them," Mohammed Sabah al-Dulaimi, 19, an engineering student, told The Washington Post in a telephone interview. "They were angry. There's no other reason for killing. They took revenge."

Al-Dulaimi's mother, Suad Jodah Yaseen, was returning from work in a company car, which stopped some distance away from the scene where a roadside bomb had struck a U.S. military vehicle, according to her brother, Hadi Jodah Yaseen, 50.

"But random shooting by American soldiers hit her in the head and the chest, and one bullet pierced her chest and came out of the back," Yaseen said.

Lt. Col Barry Johnson, a U.S. military spokesman, confirmed that seven civilians were killed Sunday in Ghazaliyah, a volatile western Baghdad neighborhood where U.S. forces have bolstered their efforts to tame sectarian violence. But he said the civilians were caught in the crossfire between U.S. troops and insurgents.

"These people were unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time," Johnson said. He added that there would be a review to determine whether a further investigation into the soldiers' actions is warranted.


Meanwhile according to Yahoo News the American attorney general is in Iraq to "discuss interrogation techniques" and "push the rule of law:" Sceen shot of Yahoo News as I was writing this postIt's news to me that indiscriminate firing upon unarmed civilians, attacking prisoners with dogs, anal rape of prisoners male and female alike, taking children hostage to force their father to surrender, denying the right to a trial, "convictions" on the basis of secret evidence obtained under torture in closed tribunals, using chemical weapons on civilians, shooting up hospitals and ambulances, denying civilian populations food, water, and medicine, gang raping a 14 year old child and slaughtering her family, to say nothing of all the other revolting little habits of US troops of in Iraq, come under the heading of "Rule of law."


PS: Donald Rumsfeld wants Americans to be "patient." You just can't make this stuff up.

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