Thursday, September 21, 2006


Medic checking man's burnt hand the man was injured in a car bombing in Huriyah BaghdadTwo civilians were killed and 11 wounded this morning in a car bomb attack in Hurriyah northern Baghdad. AP are reporting that the target was an electricity office. I doubt this, there's a fairly large market in Hurriyah beside where the bombing took place I think that was the more likely target.

I'm sometimes asked why I chose to be a felix. My reply is that anyone who lived as a child in Lebanon and had Lebanese friends saw at first hand how being injured in a bombing could cause you pain and grief for the rest of your life. Bombs don't just inflict blast and shrapnel wounds upon their victims. If you're unlucky enough to be close to the blast they also burn you. In the photogaph to the left a medic is checking the hand of a man unfortunate enough to have been in precisely this situation in the Hurriyah bombing today.


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