Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Helping Your Neighbour Can Be A Death Sentence

17 Year old Abdur Rahman was shot while helping a neighbour move from ad doraThe body in the coffin is this lady's 17 year old son. Abdur Rahman and a friend were asked to help some women move from Dora in Baghdad. Ad-Dora used to be mixed it's now becoming mostly Sunni. I've lost track of the number of times it's been "pacified," "cleared," "swept." The latest "pacification" was just a few days or ago.

"Pacified." Yeah right. Tell that to Abdur. Oh, silly me, you can't, he's dead. He was asked to help some neighbours move. They didn't dare live there any more and being a decent kid he helped. And died.

Then people write to me from the States (usually from rednecksonline.com bellsouth.net) asking me why I don't believe the pack of lies spewed day in day out at the US military briefings and then taking me to task for being "anti-American." Take a look at that poor woman's face. She's one, just one, of the reasons why every word in every single briefing, statement, photo, you name it, released by the American military publicity machine deserves to be treated as a flagrant and cynical lie until proved otherwise.


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