Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jaafer Mohammed

Two year old Jaafer Mohammed's body being held by his grandmotherJaafer Mohammed was two years old he and his mother were killed in crossfire between police and gunmen in Baqouba today. The lady holding his body is his grandmother.

Who is to blame for this? The gunmen? The police? Do we just write this two year-old child off as "collateral damage?" Do we say as an American politician famously said that it's "worth it?"

Ultimately the blame for this child's death lies fairly and squarely upon the American people and their unearned sense of entitlement. Based upon what earlier generations of Americans did they have set themselves up as unquestionably morally superior. The "good guys" entitled to do as they like in other people's countries. And "do as we like" includes deliberately collapsing Iraqi society. "Do as we like" includes deliberately creating the conditions where a two year old child and his mother can be scythed down in their innocent blood.

There are no "good guys" in a civil war. Only "bad guys" and the worst of the "bad guys" are the ones who started it. The Americans.

Am I anti-American? For as long as they behave like this you're damn right I am. When a people set themselves up as being intrinsically superior to everyone else. A master nation who will brook no opposition, who are entitled to do as they will, then the slaughter of the innocents is the inevitable result. Take a good look at your handiwork. I hope you're fucking proud of yourselves.


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