Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mostly For My American Readers

"With the failure to stop and reverse the spread of nuclear weapons, military planners do not have the luxury of ignoring the possibility that such weapons might be used against military or civilian targets, abroad or at home.

A new Department of Defense doctrinal publication (pdf) defines policies and procedures for managing "the consequences from all deliberate and inadvertent releases of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear agents or substances, and high-yield explosives with potential to cause mass casualties and large levels of destruction."

You can download the files from here on the Federation of American Scientists "Project on Government Secrecy" site. You won't enjoy reading it. It makes it crystal clear exactly what level of help and protection civilians will get. The Republican party - making sure that every American is safe will experience what it's like to be from New Orleans during a hurricane when the next terrorist attack takes place.


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