Thursday, December 07, 2006

"I Believe We Need A New Approach," Bush Said

Bush, Blair: "New approach" needed on Iraq - Yahoo! News:

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"I believe we need a new approach," Bush said during a press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, his closest ally on the Iraq war.

News Headlines and Summaries From Iraq - translated from Arabic

Baghdad: Academic Murdered:
Dr. Harith Abdul Hamid, Director of the Research Pedagogy & Psychology Unit Baghdad University was shot dead in Baghdad today.
Anbar: Hit: American Occupation Soldier: Killed in Hit:
Gunmen attacked an American army of occupation unit patrolling in the western district of Hit in al-Anbar. According to eyewitnesses the soldier died immediately. No statement from the American army of occupation yet.
Diyala: Baquba: Bomb Factory:
Fifteen people were arrested during a raid on a factory for car bombs near Baquba.
Kirkuk: Two Police Arrested in ID Documents Case:
Security forces investigating the theft of 1000 ID documents have arrested two members of the Police Department of Citizenship in Kirkuk on suspicion of involvement in the theft. According to the report head Corporals Shihab Ahmad, Deputy Police Corporal Ahmed Mohammed have confessed to the crime.

[Note: This is actually a very big story. The Peshmerga and The Kurdish Political Parties, (same thing), are engaged in a massive campaign to try to ethnically cleanse Kirkuk as part of the breakup of Iraq. The internal passport/citizenship document is a vital part of life in Iraq. Being able to dish them out to your supporters would be remarkably useful - mfi]
Tikrit : FPS Police Attacked 2 killed:
An FPS police unit was attacked. Two killed two wounded. They belonged to the 10th Regiment who are charged with protecting the pipeline from Baiji oil pipeline to Baghdad.

[Note: Again this is part of a much bigger story. The pipeline, especially in the region to the north of Tikrit is constantly sabotaged. - mfi ]
Basrah British:
Both British bases were attacked with Katyusha rockets today.
Two American army of occupation patrols bombed.
One shooting in Al Karama east of Mosul. The victim died before he could be operated on. A search of the corpse turned up large quantities of drugs in his pockets.
Green Zone Parliament:
There weren't enough members to reach a quorum for the third successive day.
American army of occupation patrol attacked with roadside bomb. According to the report the Americans then opened fire indiscriminately.
Baghdad: Car Bombing Central Baghdad:
2 civilians wounded.

Sorry the post is so short tonight. Ali is having a lot of trouble publishing to Blogger and asked me to do a quick round-up - mfi

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