Sunday, April 02, 2006


I saw this photo last Thursday and somehow didn't get around to publishing it. This posting on Fayrouz's blog; "This Iraqi Woman ROCKS" jolted my memory. As Fayrouz says:
"I can tell she works at the hospital from her uniform and hand gloves. She's the champion."

I'll just add that throughout the Middle East to throw your shoe at someone is a gesture of extreme contempt. You may recall that in December last year the US' favoured candidate for puppet Iraqi prime ministerIyad Allawi ran away when he was pelted with shoes a stone or two and tomatoes in Najaf. Try reading and contrasting these two reports of that incident.

The first is from the Shia news network:

The second is from CNN.

My reaction at the time to the CNN story was bwaaaahahahahahaha!

Not enough that the US government spend millions of dollars trying to get one of the most hated men in Iraq elected but CNN get in on the act by highlighting his selfserving account of the episode. From Allawi's point of view an assasination attempt would have been preferable to what actually happened. The news spread like wildfire

I have a fantasy where Condisleazy meets a crowd of shoe throwing New Orleans residents, it would be appropriately Biblical but I digress .......

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