Saturday, April 08, 2006

Marines under attack, crying for their lives

Don't even think of complaining to me that the clip below upsets you.

The link below is to a video of Marines under attack and trying to take cover.

""Oh God ...

Anyone hurt? ...

Oh God ... "

As I keep on pointing out soldiers are human too. I've been in this situation and it's terrifying. And yet you somehow have to remain calm. So to my American readers a question:

You're sitting at home in comfort reading this - why aren't you absolutely furious? Why aren't you doing something about it? Why aren't you being fucking unreasonable and hounding your politicians demanding that these people, yes that's right, people, soldiers are people, not the one dimensional cardboard cutouts that civilians think of them as, are being brought back home now?. They're in a country where they have no business being. Get angry, stay angry and get them home.

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crying for their lives


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