Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

"Local Tory chief says 'PM's suicide would cheer us up'[snip]
Full story here.
"In all misfortunes of our friends
We first consult our private ends
While nature ever keen to ease us
Points out some circumstance to please us"
(Jonathon Swift)

If I were Yankee Poodle Tony I'd be far more worried about the links that were on that page in Today's UK Independent

Also in this section
  • Tax credits overpaid for second year running
  • Blair tells beleaguered Prescott: 'We leave office at the same time'
  • Reid returns for dawn raid on foreign suspects
  • Liberal Democrats call for Primarolo to resign
  • Harman to 'break taboo' and back double burials

"People in politics can be vicious bollixes "

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