Thursday, June 01, 2006

Me Too! Me Too!

From today's comments at Today In Iraq
"This is the typical crap that liberial will spill forward. They never mention the good things that are accomplished or how in a ratio to population more people die in DC than in Iraq.

If we judged wars on lives lost then every war is worse than this one and we shouls be under Nazi rule because that was a wrong war to fight as well."

Same guy same place:
"You people are so busy hating Bush that even if the good things of the war were brought to your face (not hard to find them) you would say they are wrong...If you were actually debating someone in person, they would easily rip your ideas on the war apart.

By the way, ready for your lame come backs and more posts on bad things. Democrats are easy to predict, been predicting their movements since 1992. Dumb people.
J0kerr | Email | Homepage | 06.01.06 - 7:42 am | # "

There's really only one response a civilised human being can give:
I hope all the good things of war come to you and your loved ones very, very soon, JOkerr. I hope they come with the same abundance that the current US government has brought to Iraq. And I hope you and yours get the exact same level of medical care as the Iraqi people get.

And I mean that sincerely.
Susan | Email | Homepage | 06.01.06 - 8:39 am | #



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