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In another town, Iraqis say US killed civilians
31 May 2006 14:55:33 GMT

Source: Reuters

SAMARRA, Iraq, May 31 (Reuters) - U.S. forces denied on Wednesday a new accusation, from Iraqi officers, that American troops killed unarmed civilians in their home this month.

["Well they would wouldn't they.] [snip]

Iraqi army and police officers and several people who said they were witnesses and relatives of the dead said U.S. soldiers killed two women, aged 60 and 20, and a mentally handicapped man in their home on May 4 after insurgents fired on the troops.

Spokesmen for the 101st Airborne Division, which controls Samarra and Salahaddin province north of Baghdad, said soldiers from its 3rd Brigade Combat Team killed two unnamed men and a woman in a house who had "planned to attack the soldiers".

[snip] [Jeez the US has telepathic troops in Iraq. Who Knew? ]

In an initial statement on May 5, the unit had said troops killed three people who had already fired on them from a roof.

[snip] [Ah not telepaths just killers trying a coverup with a pack of lies.]

A senior Iraqi police officer from the province's Joint Coordination Center (JCC), a unit that liaises between the U.S. and Iraqi security forces, said: "There was shooting outside the house. Samarra police told us that American soldiers went inside and shot three people, including a mentally handicapped man.

"They were not armed and there were no gunmen in the house," said the officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being targeted by insurgents who routinely kill policemen.

[snip] [Do I really have to point out it's not only the inurgents he's worried about …]

There are frequent disputes over incidents between U.S. military and Iraqi officials in Salahaddin, where the Sunni Arab revolt against occupation and the Shi'ite-led government has been strong. U.S. officers have complained of "disinformation" from police as part of an insurgent campaign to discredit them.

[Yah brown people are funny that way they don't like the US propping up a murdering dictator, then deciding he's too uppity, then starving their country and preventing things like food and medicine to treat cancer from coming in, then making up a pack of lies so they can declare war, then bombing the place, then looting the place, then killing any civilian who they don't like the look of.... ]


Army Colonel Fadhil Muhammed, [snip] described the dead as "martyrs", indicating the authorities believed them innocent.

[Of course he's a brown person so we mustn't believe him. 'Cos ummmmm he's brown .... ]

In his family home in the Sikaak district of Samarra, 100 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad, Zedan Khalaf Habib told a Reuters reporter that the soldiers killed his 60-year-old wife, Khairiya Nisiyif Jassim, his son Khaled Zedan Khalaf, 40, who was mentally handicapped, and daughter Anaam Zedan Khalaf, 20.

Habib, 66, said he was hit in the arm when soldiers fired from a doorway into a room where 15 people had taken refuge in his house after a gunfight broke out nearby. Another daughter said soldiers placed a rifle next to her brother's body and took photographs to suggest he had been armed when killed. [snip] [this is called "planting"]


Shireen, his 36-year-old daughter, said: "After they killed my brother Khaled they shot him three more times in the chest and they put a rifle between his legs to show he was armed and they took a photograph of him." [like I say it's called planting. They do it with people they shoot out in the open too. Dump a shovel next to the and you've got an an instant dead terrorist who's was shot while planting a bomb.]

Asked to comment on the allegation, Master Sergeant Terry Webster of the 101st Airborne said the soldiers came under fire from a rooftop after arresting three people nearby who were suspected of planting roadside bombs:

"The troops suppressed the rooftop fire, entered and cleared the home. Three people in the home, one woman and two men, were killed in the ensuing firefight. A second woman was injured and transported to a nearby hospital," Webster wrote in an e-mail.

"The injured woman confessed that the three people killed had planned to attack the soldiers as they drove by the house.
[snip] [What did I tell you?]

The unit's initial statement on May 5 said that the three dead were those who had opened fire from the roof: "As the soldiers began to leave the area with the detainees, they came under attack with small arms fire from a nearby rooftop. [Sure enough that's what it says] [snip]


[PS: Hi Garth! (waves) - see I told you I visit Centcom - that's 'cos I'm a truthful gorilla - mfi ]

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