Saturday, September 23, 2006

44 Killed in Baghdad Bombings

Composite two panel graphic showing bombing scene and wounded child
The left panel in the graphic above shows the scene of the today's bombing in Sadr city. Most people in Sadr city are poor. Most cook using parafin (kerosene) stoves. If you have ever seen the queues for parafin in Sadr city you know that they consist almost entirely of women and children. Women and children were the targets for this bombing. Tallying the various reports I get a total of 35 confirmed killed and 38 confirmed seriously wounded in this attack.

The child in the second panel is eight year old Abbas Abid, he was wounded by a mortar attack on the apartment block in which he lives this morning.

Also in Baghdad a second bombing this time a motorbike bombing took place targetting a restauruant. That attack killed at least nine and injured eight others three of whom are not expected to survive.

A group of eight people were shot as they put up posters near the Othman mosque in Neayriya. The mosque was later shelled with mortars.


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