Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Turkmen Front Party Headquarters in Kirkuk Attacked

A man injured in the attack on the Turkmen Front Party Office in Kirkuk gestures for helpThe Turkmen Front Party Headquarters in Kirkuk was the target for a bombing attack today. One woman was killed by the blast and 10 people, including 4 children were injured. In the photograph to the left one of the wounded is seen gesturing for help. Also in Kirkuk two soldiers were killed and three others wounded in a mortar attack targetting an "Iraqi" army checkpoint. I say "Iraqi" because what the so-called "Iraqi" army units in Kirkuk are in fact is separatist peshmerga fighters loyal to one or other of the two dominant factions in Iraqi Kurdistan. They have a reputation for brutality and there are stong suspicions that they are actively involved in ethnic cleansing - particularly in Kirkuk.


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