Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some Questions For My British Readers

Dear British Readers,

Please scroll slowly down the list of British Fatalities in Iraq to get to the questions:

2003-03-21Colour Sgt John Cecil
2003-03-21Lance Bombardier Llywelyn Karl Evans
2003-03-21Capt Philip Stuart Guy
2003-03-21Marine Sholto Hedenskog
2003-03-21Sgt Les Hehir
2003-03-21Mechanic (Comm) 2nd Class Ian Seymour
2003-03-21Warrant Officer 2nd Class Mark Stratford
2003-03-21Maj Jason Ward
2003-03-22Lt Philip D Green
2003-03-22Lt Antony King
2003-03-22Lt Marc A Lawrence
2003-03-22Lt Philip West
2003-03-22Lt James Williams
2003-03-22Lt Andrew S Wilson
2003-03-23Sapper Luke Allsopp
2003-03-23Staff Sgt Simon Cullingworth
2003-03-23Flight Lt Kevin Barry Main
2003-03-23Flight Lt David Rhys Williams
2003-03-24Sgt Steven Mark Roberts
2003-03-24Lance Cpl Barry Baz Stephen
2003-03-25Cpl Stephen Allbutt
2003-03-25Trooper David Jeffrey Clarke
2003-03-28Lance Cpl of Horse Matty Hull
2003-03-30Major Steve Alexis Ballard
2003-03-30Lance Cpl Shaun Andrew Brierley
2003-03-30Marine Christopher R Maddison
2003-03-31Staff Sgt Chris Muir
2003-04-01Lance Cpl Karl Shearer
2003-04-06Lance Cpl Ian Keith Malone
2003-04-06Piper Christopher Muzvuru
2003-04-06Fusilier Kelan John Turrington
2003-04-22Lt Alexander Tweedie
2003-04-30Lance Cpl James McCue
2003-05-06Private Andrew Joseph Kelley
2003-05-08Gunner Duncan Geoffrey Pritchard
2003-05-19Corporal David John Shepherd
2003-05-22Assistance Chief Officer Leonard Harver
2003-06-24Corporal Russell Aston
2003-06-24Sergeant Simon Alexamder Hamilton-Jewell
2003-06-24Lance Cpl Thomas Richard Keys
2003-06-24Corporal Paul Graham Long
2003-06-24Lance Cpl Benjamin John McGowan Hyde
2003-06-24Corporal Simon Miller
2003-07-18Captain James Linton
2003-08-13Private Jason Smith
2003-08-14Captain David Martyn Jones
2003-08-23Corporal Dewi Pritchard
2003-08-23Major Matthew Titchener
2003-08-23Warrant Officer Colin Wall
2003-08-27Fusilier Russell Beeston
2003-09-23Sgt John Nightingale
2003-10-31Corporal Ian Plank
2003-11-06Private Ryan Lloyd Thomas
2004-01-01Sgt Norman Patterson
2004-01-01Major James Stenner
2004-01-07Lance Cpl Andrew Jason Craw
2004-01-21Rifleman Vincent Calvin Windsor
2004-01-31Sapper Robert Thomson
2004-02-12Corporal Richard Thomas David Ivell
2004-06-28Fusilier Gordon Campbell Gentle
2004-07-19Flight Lieutenant Kristian Michel Alexander Grover
2004-08-04Private Christopher Rayment
2004-08-09Private Lee Martin O'Callaghan
2004-08-12Private Marc Ferns
2004-08-17Lance Cpl Paul David Trevor Thomas
2004-09-10Fusilier Stephen Jones
2004-09-28Gunner David Lawrence
2004-09-28Corporal Marc Taylor
2004-10-29Private Kevin Thomas McHale
2004-10-31SSgt Denise Michelle Rose
2004-11-04Sgt Stuart Robert Tennant Gray
2004-11-04Private Paul Aitken Lowe
2004-11-04Private Scott William McArdle
2004-11-08Private Pita Tukutukuwaqa
2004-12-17Chief Petty Officer Simon Roger Owen
2004-12-26Sgt Paul Connolly
2005-01-30Chief Technician Richard Antony Brown
2005-01-30Flight Sgt Mark Gibson
2005-01-30Acting Lance Cpl Steven Jones
2005-01-30Squadron Leader Patrick Brian Marshall
2005-01-30Master Engineer Gary Nicholson
2005-01-30Sgt Robert Michael O'Connor
2005-01-30Flight Lieutenant Andrew Paul Smith
2005-01-30Flight Lieutenant David Kevin Stead
2005-01-30Cpl David Edward Williams
2005-01-31Flight Lieutenant Paul Martin Pardoel
2005-03-28Private Mark Dobson
2005-05-02Gdsm Anthony John Wakefield
2005-05-29Lance Cpl Allan Brackenbury
2005-06-29Signaller Paul William Didsbury
2005-07-16Private Phillip Hewett
2005-07-162nd Lt Richard Shearer
2005-07-16Private Leon Spicer
2005-09-05Fusilier Stephen Robert Manning
2005-09-05Fusilier Donal Anthony Meade
2005-09-11Maj Matthew Bacon
2005-10-15Captain Ken Masters
2005-10-18Sgt Chris Ian Hickey
2005-11-20Sgt John Jones
2006-01-30LCpl Allan Stewart Douglas
2006-01-31Cpl Gordon Alexander Pritchard
2006-02-02Trooper Carl Joseph Smith
2006-02-28Pvt Lee Ellis
2006-02-28Capt Richard Holmes
2006-04-15Lt. Richard Palmer
2006-05-06Lt. Comdr Darren Chapman
2006-05-06Gunner. Paul M. Collins
2006-05-06Wing Comdr. John Coxen
2006-05-06Capt. David I. Dobson
2006-05-06Flt Lt. Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill
2006-05-13Pvt. Joseva Lewaicei
2006-05-13Pvt. Adam Peter Morris
2006-05-28LCpl. Paul Farrelly
2006-05-28Lt Tom Mildinhall
2006-07-15Cpl John Johnston Cosby
2006-08-01Cpl Matthew Cornish
2006-09-04Gunner Samuela Vanua
2006-09-04Gunner Stephen Robert Wright
2006-09-07Gunner Lee Darren Thornton
2006-10-02LCpl Dennis Brady

So here's the first question. It's a friendly question just between neighbours.

What did you do today to hold George Bush's bestest friend Tony to account?

Or if you did nothing can I take it that you actually like Britain being an American colony that always does what it's told? Do you think that's why those dead British soldiers joined? To fight for a pack of thieving American polticians who when they're not busy taking bribes campaign donations from their oil company buddies are busy covering up for pedophile congressmen.

Makes me glad I'm not British. How does it make you feel? Britain used to be a decent county.


What are you going to do to get her back?


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