Thursday, November 02, 2006

90,000 Killed, wounded In The Last Ten Months

From the mail-box:

I got an email today from a correspondent in Karbala who was at a news conference yesterday organised by the "Iraq Without Violence Network." They're an umbrella organisation for more than Iraq civil society organisations spread throughout Iraq. The Net's main objective is to try to curb the violence in Iraq.

According to IWVN at least 90,000 Iraqis were killed or wounded over the last ten months in Iraq. According to Jalal Abdul-Hameed al-Hasnawi, the current head of IWVN

"At least 42,269 Iraqis were killed and 47,259 wounded in more than 10,000 separate incidents around Iraq,"

He broke down the violence as follows:

"Baghdad took the lion's share of the wave of violence while the provinces of Anbar, Diala, Kirkuk, Mosul, Salah-el-Dein, Babel, Basra, and Diwaniya had witnessed higher number of incidents of violence."

" The Net also monitored an increase in violence acts that included attacking worship houses and parties' headquarters, forcing evictions of families, threatening the lives of civilians, kidnapping people, implementing suicide operations, firing mortar shells and assassinating people,"

What about the contribution of the American walking body occupants forces in Iraq? The Americans after all are the people who started this carnage. Mr. al-Hasnawi summarises their glorious contribution as follows:

"The U.S. forces also contributed to the spike of violence by the random arrests and killing of civilians."

He continued:

"Most acts of violence were a direct result of the presence of the occupation forces, the sectarian political blocs' fight for power, the intervention of the religious establishment in the political process and the failure of the accordance principle to stem the sectarian violence ,"

composite graphic american empire
Mission accomplished. Well done. I hope you're fucking proud of yourselves and your blood-soaked empire.


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