Thursday, November 02, 2006

Muridi Market Bombing

Muridi market baghdad mechanics workshop bomb aftermathalsad hospitalMuridi market in Sadr city is where you go if you want to buy a scooter, or a motorbike, or parts for one. It's a warren of work shops and stalls and the one time I was brought there you could hardly move for people none of whom were what you could call prosperous and all of them on the look out for a bargain.

The first panel of the composite graphic to the left is very typical of what I saw when I was there. You bring your scooter to the mechanic and you, he, and his mates sit around and chat while he does whatever it is that needs doing.

Muridi was attacked today by a bomber. The method chosen was to rig a motorbike with explosives and the results were very satisfactory from a bomber's point of view. So far the casualty toll is 9 nine dead and 46 wounded.


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