Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm doing a lot of blogging related stuff including testing a few desktop applications IOW you can write your post locally save it locally to your harddisk and then publish when blogger unbluggers. (That's pretty much what I do anyway but then I've a lot of experience with web coding so I'm comfortable with code.) Alas there is Mr. Murphy of the eponyomous law, Finagle a cruel and malevolent deity, and blogger, combine the three and you have an unholy trinity.

Murphy's law being what it is and blogger what it is any time I write online blogger horps and I wind up wreathing and writhing and fainting in coils and then when I've recovered running round the place shrieking:

“sh*t sh*t sh*t why the f*ck is this happening to me now!”

The MFI hypotheses that Murphy was an effing overoptimistic sod also applies. Blogger horps invariably happen when I've spent ages writing the sodding thing and then it sits there smugly saying:

“Gotcha! I'm blogger and I've just horped three hours of your life. HAH!.”

(Wonderful language Danish you can tell just by looking at it what "horp" means)

So for the next few weeks I'm going to be experimenting with Qumana and with Zoundry

Anyway I'm checking out two desktop blogging apps one for wordpress, and one for wordpress and blogger. I'll do a review of both in afew a few weeks time - I'm pretty sure that Richard and I weren't the only two people who got horped this week.

Afterthought: Incidentally if anyone wants the name of a sweet little notepad replacement that has excellent (X)HTML editing libraries I suggest Notetab I have the pro version but I used the free version for yonks. Or go to the indispensable Nonags pick the mirror nearest to you and browse the categories by clicking the "software list" menu item.)


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