Sunday, June 04, 2006

What Is In The Banana Box?

Question: What is this man doing? (Scroll down for the answer)

Answer: He's a mortuary attendant in Baqouba, and he's unoading a box containing eight human heads.

Death Squads, children taken hostage by US troops to force their father to surrender, pregnant women shot as they are rushed into hospital, American mercenaries caught with bomb making making equipment set loose scot free to do it again, British soldiers ditto, daily slaughter of civilians by bombs, hospitals without supplies, teachers, doctors, nurses, fleeing the country, a growing litany of massacres committed by occupation troops. And an administration doing its utmost to ensure that the word "America" becomes a synonym for amoral, corrupt, racist, self-indulgent, lieing, bankrupt, dieing.... empire, too engaged in navel gazing to realise that this is more than just "a big public relations problem"


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