Monday, June 05, 2006

In Which The Gorilla Wonders About Something

Memsa'ab Marsh is ordering the brown people around again, and not for the first time either. I especially liked this bit of the memsa'abs diatribe:

“The Iraqis have voted. But while the governing elite in Iraq sit safely in the Green Zone, comfortable in U.S. troop protection, al-Maliki slanders our troops and our efforts, while the elected Iraqis still have not chosen a Minister of Defense or Interior, which has been put off indefinitely. Obviously, the ruling Iraqi elite think they have time to sit around without a decision. They need to be shown otherwise.

If the Iraqis in power do not want to govern their country it is not up to us to do it for them.”

Source: The Memsa'ab's site [emphasis mine - mfi]

Don't you just love the complete lack of self-awareness? Now let's see:

  1. Doesn't know the country.
  2. Can't speak the language.
  3. Is sitting safely, very safely, a couple of thousand miles away.
  4. Is nurturing a sense of grievance that the way in which her country has repeatedly behaved in the Middle East isn't paying the sort of dividend she likes

Slandering them is the one thing al-Maliki isn't doing. The US army has a culture of racist brutality in Iraq. They've been conditioned from get go to see Iraqis all Iraqis as things to be pushed around, as less than human. Kind of like memsa'ab Marsh really. But then an army reflects the culture from which it sprang. (Kind of like Memsa'ab Marsh really.)

Master nation, master race, we're the good guys, now do what you're told....we sacrificed so much for you......
I wonder, to use her own idiom, what part of the word

ما من احد.

The memsa'ab doesn't understand.


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